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The road that lead me to becoming a cabin crew

It all started 7 years ago. No, hold on, it had started long before, by the time I was in University, back in Romania.

Yes, my mind was already working towards this path.

Did I know much about it? Very little! All I knew is that I pictured this opportunity like a dream job, a job where you get to travel the world and get paid for it, that you get to live in Dubai, the most luxurious city, be surrounded by so many different nationalities and get to learn and explore so much of this world.

And that was all right. I confirm it to you right now.

I didn’t drop out of my Uni that year that I had this thought of applying and going for the interview, simply because I wasn’t sure I am ready, at that stage, to leave all my life behind and start a new life somewhere else, far from my family and friends. It was that feeling “oh, this job sounds fantastic, but I am not sure I want it or I am now ready for it, but I would like to give it a try though.” I know many of you resonate with me by now.

How many of you have thought the same? That you would like to do something in your life, maybe this job or maybe something else, but you were scared. Not scared scared, but you had a fear of leaving everything you built behind, a career, a relationship, a business, you name it, maybe you thought you are too old for it or too young. But there were all these thoughts playing truth or dare with you and challenging you in taking a decision.

Let me simplify it all for you. When the time is right, everything will flow. When the time is right, you will know what to do. You will know that this is it, you must make a change and that’s the time when courage walks in and you leave your fears behind. And what a great future is rising in front of you!

I graduated in 2012, in Braşov, at Transylvania University in Braşov, Food and Tourism. Moved to Bucharest for a “better life” which wasn’t going to happen there. Woke up one day, feeling exhausted of living in Bucharest, working so many hours a day, sometimes going to work on weekends too, waking up much earlier because of the traffic in the city and arriving home quite late because of the same reason. I was barely able to have a normal life without falling asleep after work. I could sleep while eating, while taking, anytime. I wasn’t myself anymore.

One morning, I woke up and I said to myself this is it. What is all this work bringing me? Money? Way not enough. Health? Losing it at work. Friends? Barley have time to meet them. Love? Not able to give my best, always tired.

Was there anything I was doing that time bringing me closer to where I always wanted to be? Was that the life I chose for myself? Quite far from it.

I will move to Dubai, I said. No one really believed me. But I moved. To an unknown world, by myself. Packed a suitcase and left to meet and embrace my new life.

I was excited, nervous in the same time, but I had a good feeling. I was ready to work hard and I knew someone would appreciate the work I do. I was so blessed to meet amazing people that I love and keep in my life until today and I will never forget the role they played in my life. One day God took someone from me, but gave me abundance and love from the people I met.

I got a job at Mango, started working in sales. In the first week that I arrived in Dubai, on my second day, precisely, I went for the interview, passed it, chose the shop I wanted to work in and started my journey. It was a beautiful 3 months journey. Intense, tiring sometimes, but I loved it. I was happy. Working 6 days a week, but happy.

Colleagues and customers could probably read that happiness on my face and they thought it would look better if I would place it in Emirates. They need and love happy people there, haha.

Everyone’s dream around me was to be a cabin crew, some they tried, some they kept on dreaming, because those fears would play with their thoughts too, and some have tried and succeeded. I became part of the last category.

I was quite excited for my new life in Dubai, even though that involved working most of the time, I liked what I was doing and that is all what matters in life. Love what you do and you won’t have to work one day in your life. I have always liked the fashion industry and I know even today that if I would have stayed in retail I would be where I wanted to be by now in that industry, but I know life has better plans for me.

So I start listening and observing all what life was trying to tell me. And that day, on a Wednesday, this girl stepped into the store and right away asked me to go home and apply for being a cabin crew with Emirates.

Her advice was so straightforward , went directly to my brain. All I know is that I went home, applied for the job, took some pictures in my room, edited them, send them through and went for the interview in Dubai at Emirates headquarters.No more excuses.

Those thoughts I had during my studies came back to me and I turned them into actions.

Passed all my interviews and couldn’t believe it. Before 2012 ended I already got the golden call. That’s 2 months after I arrived in Dubai. My 2013 started on a very positive note.

It was the year that start giving me life. If 2012 kind of sucked it all out of me, in 2013 I had freedom, I was traveling the world, I was making new friends, I started having different priorities in life and being more grateful. That year I understood that it is so important to dream, to have goals and visualize them, they will all come true when the time is right.

And that was my time. I would have not been happy if I would have taken this job years before. I am thankful for not rushing and giving it time.

This year, it will mark 7 years (my favorite number) of adventures. Because my life was an adventure ever since.

I am still grateful, I still love what I am doing, I find something to look forward every time I do a flight, specially being on a mission to have a great cup of coffee somewhere in this world, you know it all by now.

It is a very different experience, it is an opportunity that you must take advantage of at the fullest .

How long will I do it for? That I don’t know, but when the time is right, my life will choose a better path because my mind is already working on it.

I learned to have patience, discipline, something I am working on every day now, but the most important to live in the present and not to become too busy working only on my future cause I will miss on living. One step at a time. Take a deep breathe. Decide what you want to do with your life and then take small steps towards it.

If becoming a cabin crew is what you dream of, start talking to those who already are, ask them questions, go online and inform yourself, go for an Open Day, take that interview, start flying, experience it for minimum 1 year before you quit.

It might be or it might not be for you. And you will only find out the moment you try.

Even if that means giving up on something else. It’s your life, choose wisely. Have no regrets, cause at the end of the day, you will never regret something you have tried doing, but something you have never tried. And trust me, that thought will follow you all your life.

Give wings to those dreams!

P.S. The day that girl walked to me and told me to go get this job, changed my life. And what makes me happier is that five of you already told me you have became a cabin crew because of finding inspiration in what I share with you on social media. It makes me so happy, and my mission is not yet completed. I hope more of you will find the inspiration and the courage to start. And one day, when you feel like, message me and tell me that. I will be so happy for you.




Hello 2020!

I would like to welcome this fantastic year in my life. I have a feeling that the year that has just passed wasn’t as powerful as 2020 will be. You know, us, women we have that sixth sense, so better trust us.

Since we stepped into a new year, a new me, I don’t want to dig too much into 2019, it’s already a closed chapter, but I would like to emphasize on making sure that you have all done your annul review and you know what to leave behind and what to bring with you in this new year.

I went through my list and my writings for the beginning of 2019 and throughout the year and I have realized that most of what I have wished for became the reality I am living today.

And there is little left undone, which doesn’t upset me, because I will keep working on it and finding a better strategy to get things done this year.

Fortunately, I was blessed enough to get to spend the Christmas holidays, back home, in Romania with my family and my friends.

It was a joyful Christmas for us, specially because of my godson, Alexandru, who has shared with us, the excitement of waiting for Santa Claus and I can’t even put in words how special this little human being is.

He taught us (at almost 3 years old) valuable lessons which I would like to share with you.

  • A “Thank you” goes a long way
  • Don’t forget to play, it keeps you young and takes your worries away
  • Wake up early and go to bed early, take a nap in the afternoon
  • Don’t skip breakfast
  • Stay hydrated
  • Make sure you surprise someone throughout the day, even with something as little as a Kinder Surprise 🙂
  • Apologize when wrong
  • Learn how to listen (and memorize everything, I am still shocked)
  • Dance and sing along the way

These are very small things the kids are doing effortless, however looking at us, the grownup ones, we kind of struggle to even drink enough water during the day and that says it all.

But pause here.

Think about it. Do you really enjoy living in your busy world? Feeling always tired? Coming home from work and staying on a phone? Forgetting to eat or worse, overeating? Making a habit out of overthinking?

The last might be the favorite activity between adults.

I strongly believe that you need a break.

You need to slow down and breathe.

And that is all I wish for you in this miraculous 2020, that you take a deep breath, thank God for it, because nothing would be possible without Him and don’t forget to play.

Keep yourself young, surround yourself with people that inspire you, lift you and encourage you to become better.

Be kind to the ones around you. Help and don’t forget to give back to the ones in need.

Only focus to achieve spiritual values and not material ones. You don’t want to fall in the trap of a temporary happiness but an eternal one instead.

Nothing will make you feel more safe and secure than having a partner, family or friends that love you, care for you, check on you and have your back regardless.

The rest is all up to you. The number of kilograms you lose, the money you save, the places you travel to, if you quit smoking or not, if you sleep until 1pm or get up at 6 am, it’s all up to you.

And if you fail at any of these there is no one you can blame, but you.

So, my darling, put yourself first, give yourself everything you have and be ready to prove them wrong to all those who thought you are not gonna make it!

Much love,


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My pinky Foreo experience

Hello pretty girls and handsome boys!

I know it’s been a while since we last spoke, but you know me, I’ve been busy traveling the world and style hunting as usual.

I am very happy to write this post from the other side of the world, currently in Australia, because I really wanted to share my Foreo experience with you.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


I got my pretty Foreo about a month ago, a month that I took time to try it and carry it with me around the globe, you might have seen it with me in Bali, just the other week, those who are following me on Instagram, @andra_contiu.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

That’s one of its advantages, small, handy, easy to fit in your travel pouch and I simply love that!

By now, most of you know what this product is about, probably you have seen it all over the media and still doubting the magic it does, but trust me, it’s my first time recommending a beauty product, specially because it is skin related and I pay more attention to it than ever before.  I saw good results very quickly, so it made sense to give you a little first impressions rundown.
The first thing I noticed with this is how gentle it is on the skin, which I’m so on board with! The sonic pulses softly vibrate on the face, purifying the skin and ensuring a peachy-clean, oh so soft complexion after just a minute’s use. How awesome?!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The only downside with the Luna Play is that it has a limited lifespan, but you get it for 100 uses – there’s no way to replace the battery or recharge it. Honestly, I think that’s quite a good deal – the Luna Play is meant for girls on the go, for popping in to your hand luggage for travelling, so I kind of like that you don’t need to pack a cable or charger.

Luna Play claims to:

  • gently remove dead skin cells
  • unclog pores
  • remove up to 99.5% of oil and dirt
  • leave your skin glowing, radiant and smooth.

What I have seen myself: All of the above.

I am not usually one to rave about skin care gadgets, but this is a winner. It’s affordable, efficient and the results speak for themselves.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

As you can see, Luna Play has two rows of tiny little silicone bristles. The brand suggests that smaller “touch-points” should be used on gentle skin areas such as cheeks and forehead, while larger ones are best for the T-zone.

Here is how you should do it:

1. Apply your cleanser, switch on Luna Play;

2. Massage your skin in circular motion for 1 minute;

3. Rinse off and follow-up with your skin care routine.

 I believe it works best for improving blood circulation and making the most out of your cleanser.  I love working my Luna Play in an upward motion, so that it helps lift and tighten skin. It never irritates and as long as you wash it prior every use – you should not experience any breakouts. I love using this device on a daily basis; especially after wearing a lot of make-up, to really awaken and clean my skin since I travel so much. I feel Luna Play is a great gateway drug to the world of Foreo cleansing devices; although it only lasts up to 100 uses – it will certainly give you a good idea whether or not you need to invest in Luna 2 or Luna Mini 2 (which you can recharge by the way).

foreo pink

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I love my Foreo Luna Play and I am sharing my honest thoughts with you just because it’s really worth experiencing this on your own skin, trust me, you’ll feel the difference, the same way I did.

It’s not an overrated product, it is simply a product that does what it says and that’s why we are all so happy about it!

If you have tried a Foreo product, share with me your experience, would love to know how it makes you feel!



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Welcome to my world

Hey Hey, în altă ordine de idei! 🙂

Probabil, v-ați obișnuit deja cu articolele scrise în limba engleză, însă azi, m-am decis să scriu unul și în limba română și în funcție de feedback-ul vostru,  aș putea, pe viitor, să scriu mai des si genul acesta de articole 🙂
Nu cred că am pomenit mai nimic până în prezent referitor la jobul meu sau ceva legat de călătorii ori chiar de programul de muncă.
Pentru cei ce nu știu prea multe despre meseria de stewardesă, care bineînțeles, diferă de la o companie la alta, azi o să vă povestesc despre ce program avem noi, stewardesele, pe unde zburăm, câte zile libere avem și așa mai departe. Plus că, rubrica de comentarii este deschisă pentru oricine are întrebări sau curiozități în acest domeniu, pentru că multe fete sunt interesate, cred că articolul acesta va prinde bine tuturor și va elucida puțin din misterul jobului.

Ei bine, și luna noastră are tot 30/31 zile ca a oricărei alte persoane, doar că zilele noastre zboară la propriu, haha! Știți cum e, cu mic dejun în Dubai, prânz la Paris, cina la New York?! Se întâmpla adeseori! Se întâmpla des și să luăm toate mesele în avion, undeva deasupra lumii, deci, vă puteti închipui!

Programul nostru de zbor ne este dat, de obicei, pe la jumătatea lunii în curs și primim toate zborurile pe luna următoare. Știm exact unde si când vom merge, cât vom sta, care ne sunt zilele libere, cu cine zburăm, practic toate detaliile de genul.
Emirates zboară în peste 150 destinații, deci avem toate șansele sa fim pe 6 continente într-o singură lună!

În principiu, avem opțiunea de a ne alege destinațiile, dacă îmi doresc ca luna viitoare sa merg în New York, am posibilitatea să cer zborul respectiv în decursul lunii urmatoare. Putem avea maxim 5 preferințe, fie că sunt orașe, țări sau zile libere într-o anumită perioadă a lunii, lucru care imi place la maxim.

SnapseedPoza din ultimul zbor în Sao Paulo, unde am primit cadou, de la o doamnă, aceste decorațiuni origami. 

Primim mereu zborurile pe care le cerem?

Asta depinde din ce grup faci parte și care e nivelul de priorate în perioada respectivă. Avem 7 grupuri în Emirates, fiecare stewardesă aparține unui grup, încă nu știu exact după ce criterii ne-au departajat, cert este ca încearcă sa puna într-un grup, oameni care, probabil, au personalități asemănătoare, concluzie dobândită în urma unui chestionar care l-am făcut cu toții atunci când am fost recrutați.
Nu e ușor sa pui la un loc 23.000 de cabin crew si toată lumea sa se înțeleagă cu toată lumea. Haha!
Așadar, dacă grupul cărui aparții, are o prioritate ridicată în luna respectiva, ai șanse mai mari sa obții ce îți dorești. Grupurile se rotesc lunar, așa că toată lumea ajunge să fie TOP BID sau RESERVE, unde ma aflu eu în momentul acesta. Upss!

O să vă povestesc mai multe și despre luna de rezervă, însă e important să știți că indiferent de programul primit, avem dreptul să ne schimbam zborurile între noi atâta timp cât sunt aprobate toate legalitățile. Spre exemplu, dacă ai cerut un zbor de Paris și nu ți-i l-au dat, poți să cauți pe cineva și să reușești să-l schimbi cu un alt zbor, cum ar fi Londra si uite așa ajungi unde ți-ai dorit. Nu e chiar atât de rău, nu?

Zborurile din cursul unei luni sunt diverse, poți ajunge în America, stai acolo o zi sau două, depinde de destinație, după care te întorci acasă, in Dubai, vei avea minimum 2 zile libere dupa un zbor atat de lung, maximum 5 și poti să pleci în Europa. Te întorci, poti avea un zbor dus-întors, undeva pe aproape care e de obicei de 2-3 ore un sector și nu necesită ședere, după care vei reveni in patul tău, acasă.
Apropo, nimic nu se compara cu somnul din patul de acasă.❤

Am încercat să exemplific, pe scurt, cum ar decurge o lună de zbor și cum sunt alese destinațiile și faptul că, nu e necesar să zbor numai într-o parte a lumii, că zborurile sunt diversificate și cel mai important, fiecare lună de zbor e diferită, având în medie undeva la 10-12 zile libere pe lună și aproximativ 6-7 zboruri.
Ei bine, luna aceasta, e luna mea de rezervă, mi-a fost data așa aleatoriu, fiecare dintre noi trebuie sa treacă prin asta o dată pe an.

IMG_2832Poză după zbor, când am ajuns la hotel în Sau Paulo și mireasa dorea poze cu noi. Iertați claritatea! 🙂

Ce înseamnă a fi în luna de rezervă?

Înseamnă, practic,  a nu avea un program de zboruri, a nu știi unde te duci și când te duci. Haha! E chiar mai palpitant decât de obicei, nu?
Este o lună, în care afli zilnic ce program ai pe ziua următoare, în jurul orei 6 după amiaza, vei fi anunțat dacă următoarea zi ai zbor sau o zi liberă, ori de cel mai multe ori STAND BY, practic stai în așteptare, fie acasă, fie la headquarter, gata pregătit sa fii scos pe zbor oriunde în lumea asta.

Luna mea de rezervă a început frumos, cu 2 zile libere, in care m-am bucurat de Dubai, după care am avut un home stand by, de la 3 la 9 dimineața, iar în jurul orei 4 m-au sunat sa imi spună ca zbor in… Brazilia, Sao Paulo! Ugh, da, după cum vedeți programul nu este unul de la 8 la 17. Poate fi în timpul nopții, dimineața, însă, oricând ar fi, tu trebuie sa fii odihnit și pregătit de zbor. 🙂
Sao Paulo este la mai mult de 14 ore de zbor, atenție, nu de ore de munca, de Dubai. Spun de zbor, pentru că, noi ne pregătim cu aproximativ 4 ore înainte de ora plecării. Așa ca, e un zbor destul de lung, însă iti asigura multe ore de servici, ceea ce te asigura ca indiferent de ce va urma în cursul lunii, măcar ai niște ore la activ. Aș zice ca e un start bun.

V-am scris acest articol tocmai din Sao Paulo, inspirată fiind de minunăția acesta de reserve month, care mă trimite în capătul lumii, de la peste 50 de grade Celsius, la 15 grade în timpul iernii, fără a-mi face bagajul corespunzător, Style Hunter, right? Direct de sub plapumă! Mi-e plină geanta de rochițe și costume de baie, ca eu tare mi-am dorit să ma trimită undeva pe plaja, unde aerul e mai respirabil decât în Dubai în timpul verii. Haha! Nu ma plâng! Viața este frumoasă așa cum e ea, plină de surprize și trebuie să ne bucurăm pe deplin!

Vă las niște poze din Sao Paulo de data trecută, cand vremea era mai generoasă și am ieșit la o plimbare și promit să vă țin la curent cu ce mai urmează.
Mă găsiți pe Instagram andra_contiu, unde sunt destul de activă cu Instagram stories și puteți sa călătoriți cu mine sau să treceți prin același emoții când am stand by-uri și mă tot gândesc pe unde voi ateriza! Haha!

Vă pup și vă îmbrățișez! Sper că v-a plăcut si v-a fost util acest articol!






Bye Bye! Going back to Dubai! 🌞



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The art of self

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

What is the most important relationship that you have? You may think is the one with your boyfriend, parents, friends.

Let me tell you it is NOT.


The most important relationship you should have is the one with yourself.
Self love should be a priority, you must love yourself first before being able to send your love to the world. And how would the others be able to love you if you don’t release this love to yourself before anything?


Bold and brilliant

To love yourself is nothing but to accept the good parts and the bad parts, to accept your dark mood as well as the bright one, to accept yourself as you really are! To be able to receive as much as you are willing to give and to always do both!
The art of self-love will tell you to be kind to yourself, to treat everyone the way you would like to be treated and it will teach you every day what your boundaries are, as well as, what your values are  and to be able to honour them each moment.


You are worth it! You are worth all the love, as long as you give it to you first.
And that should be given to your mind, to your spirit and your body. Never settle for less.


Say HELLO to the new you.

Recognize your strengths, write down things that the others admire you for, cut out all the negativity from your life, even if that includes cutting out “friends”, do more of what you love, put yourself first, but not in selfish way.


When you do that, when you start loving yourself, when you feel good in your own body, your own mind, the inner happiness you will achieve and the peace of mind, the confidence will not compare to anything else in the world, trust me.




Shirt: Boyfriend’s wardrobe
Skirt and shoes: Zara
Accessories: Somewhere in Japan
Location: NY
Photographer: Sinziana Dobos


Have a wonderful week!

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Each morning we are born again

Embrace those mornings.

7 am. You wake up with no alarm feeling well rested and full of energy. You get up and prepare yourself a big cup of coffee and then you start planning your day, your month or perhaps your life…
Oh, such a great feeling!



Choose to shine!

I am not a morning bird, I admit it, however I am always trying to set an alarm on my day off too, just to make sure I am not wasting any time, plus isn’t the morning the most efficient part of the day? When all the world is silent, when all humans are sleeping or trying to get out of bed and you are already working on your goals and making clear plans for your future.
Or simply, the fact that this is your time! This is the time that no one will bother you, no one will call you or text you and you can just do whatever you want, read, sing, watch movies, write, cook or climb rooftops like we did. 🙂



When you start each day with a grateful heart, light illuminates from within…

I love this kind of mornings, even more when it involves little sunshine in my eyes…that warm light that steps in your room. The light that brings in passion, hope and enthusiasm. Such a blessing! But how many we are able to see it?




Every morning is a new day and another chance of living your life

How many of us we are thankful every day for all we have since the moment we open our eyes? For what we see, what we hear, what we feel…for all of it, we shouldn’t be taking anything for granted. It is a gift given by God and we have to cherish it day by day.



“When you arise in the morningthink of what a precious privilege it is to be alive -to breatheto thinkto enjoyto love.”

Be thankful for all you have and all you are and start the day with positive thoughts!
Don’t miss to tell yourself how wonderful you are and how nothing will stop you from achieving all those big dreams that seem farther than ever. They are closer than you think. Just take the step towards them!



Wondering how to have a better day?

  1. Smile, smile, smile!
  2. Slow down, take the time to admire or to appreciate.
  3. Say thank you. We all expect a little thank you, right? Say it!
  4. Give compliments. Lots of them. If you love them, they’ll love them too.
  5. Dress nicely! Oh, I love this.
  6. Wear perfume. You know the consequences, it turns heads, ladies…and gents! 🙂
  7. Listen! Such a good advice. We all have something to say, but we are not all good listeners.
  8. Laugh! It will make your day even better! 🙂IMG_5268

Now, go, set yourself free and fly higher than you ever did. 


Dress: Zara
Accessories: Aldo
Location: Dubai
Photographer: Wonderful Beate 



Romania, you rock my world!

Romania, you have the most beautiful face!


I know Romanians celebrate Dragobete on the 24th, I know, we are very traditional.

However, Valentine’s took over the world and it looks like people are more loving and caring on the 14th of February and they don’t know how to express their love better on this particular day. I’m sure you already know what I would like to suggest you my dear love birds,  make this day happen every day for the rest of your life, be open to love and do your best to show the love you have for your special one every single moment.

Moving on, since that’s not the point here, I want to tell the whole world that Romanians are the most loving people on Earth. Why? Because over 500.000 people gathered together around Romania these days to express their love for the country! Isn’t that magnificient?


They lighten up Romania like never before!

We are all awake and alive and we love this country with our hearts, minds and frozen bodies walking and singing the national anthem on the streets of Bucharest and not only, so that you can all hear that we do have a VOICE.


I live abroad for few years now,but if I could make a wish, it would be to take the first flight home and go there and do what is right to do, what our parents did in ’89 for us and what is right for us to do for our future.

I won’t go deeper into the topic, I don’t want to get involved into politics right now, I let the experts do their job, but living far from my country has never made me happier than now, seeing what a beautiful nation we are!

Romania, we are one! Together we will win!


“When injustice becomes law, justice becomes duty!”