Style vs. Brands

Don’t let labels define you. 

I have one simple question for you: do you like what you see?

Now, have  a look at this!





AhmEd RasHWaN by Girish Chouhan


Rashwan by Sand In The City


Rashwan by Girish Chouhan



  Rashwan by Silvia Pirosca





Andra Contiu by Amr ElGohary


Andra Contiu by 🇦🇪 FAD Dubai 🇦🇪


Andra Contiu by Silvia Pirosca


Andra Contiu by  Girish Chouhan



Andra Contiu by Silvia Pirosca 


Do you still like it? Does it look differently to you, perhaps even better?

The idea behind this example is simple! Middle East is the place where people do care if you wear a label, an expensive brand, the latest collection or a limited edition product.
You might be addressed many times: “Oh, I love it! Which brand is it?”
I go like 😕 Does it necessary need to be branded? Am I not cool enough to speak to you if I don’t wear a designer label?
Don’t get me wrong please, we do love designers and we do buy pieces if we like, if we can afford and if it’s worth buying them. We would even recommend you to invest in bags, shoes, pieces that are good quality and will help you getting the look you have always dreamed of!


Andra Contiu, dress by Ana Novic, hand-painted by Vera Holostencu

But from here to being left on the side in a society because you can’t afford buying some cool pieces it’s a big gap. We’ll never buy anything just because we have to wear brands to be accepted by the society.
Unfortunately, this is the ugly truth that surrenders us.

So what are we trying to do, to show or to prove?



Underneath your clothes. 

We are trying to show, my dears, that style will never equal labels and that style doesn’t need a lot of money, but just imagination, creativity, desire, passion, love and courage. You need to be brave to go out there and prove them wrong!
Be yourself, be confident in who you are as a person, your values and show them you have the style and the class that money will never buy! Don’t be left on the side because you don’t have in your wardrobe the last collection of my favourite Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana. Yes, I love them, I do, but I will never use brands as an etiquette to define someone. We are more than that!
You are more than that!

We managed to make it to Vogue Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Emirates WomanAhlan!, fashion and style pages and so on. And all of that, only because we have attended this event by being who we are, wearing what we like and using all the resources we have had in order to make some unique pieces that will capture people’s attention. As you have already seen, we used accessible items, that we had in our wardrobe before and we did our best to customize every single item with minimum budget. Affordable, uhm?


Rashwan and Andra by Silvia Pirosca


Rashwan and Andra by Dawid Rus




Rashwan and Andra by Dawid Rus

There are lots of tricks to be used when you want to live in style, but about this we’ll talk in another post.
The most important advice is to be happy, to be happy with yourself and don’t be shy to express your personality through clothes. We love to hunt the stylish people, so watch out…:)

Andra & Rashwan



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